Who We Are

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Transforming Communities Worldwide Through The Arts

We are a non-profit arts, education and community development organization established to empower, educate, equip, mobilize and care for artistic, creative and entrepreneurial leadership to redemptively serve their communities .  We do this  by developing, empowering, and celebrating these artistic servant-leaders and their creative efforts toward embracing a lifestyle of service to others, their community, their culture and the world.


Our Mission Includes  Goals To:

50536265_s Develop artistic people, methods and strategies that contribute to local, regional and world community transformation

Utilize artistic personnel methods and strategies to effect the positive development of individuals and their communities

Affirm and preserve the local, regional and indigenous artistic expressions of communities, regions and cultures of the world


Reinstate the artist as a community builder and reconciler

Mentor and develop artistic leaders who can contribute to the development of the social, economic & spiritual health of their community

Strengthen the artistic leader’s credibility for access to communities and regions where there exist need for humanitarian aid and indigenous arts education


7749490_s Make art more accessible for people at all social & economic levels

Help form a social paradigm that fosters community confidence in local artists while at the same time fostering their artistic, personal, economic & spiritual heath and potential

Facilitate community-wide conversations that will result in the betterment of communities around the world

Empower hundreds of emerging artists, and commission them to redemptively serve their community wherever they have a voice